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برامج الزمالة البريطانية

أقسام الأكاديمية

تنظيم المعارض - Event Planner


تتشرف إدارة الأكاديمية العربية البريطانية للتعليم العالي بتقديم مجموعة من الدروس في تنظيم المعارض و ذلك بشكل مجاني لزوار موقع الأكاديمية الأعزاء، و ذلك بصيغة ملفات PDF يمكن الاطلاع عليها من خلال الروابط التالية:


Getting Clients

Choose Your Target Markets

Choose your target markets


Marketing Techniques


Free media publicity

Network Opportunities

Networking clubs

Promotional events

Membership organization


Marketing to Corporate Clients

Having someone phone for you

Once you get through to the decision maker

Propsal tips

Responding to a request for a proposal

What is in a proposal

What to say

Your Warm Market

Cold calling


Promotional Tools

Your portofolio

Your website

Promotional tools brochures


Working With Clients

A final Note

First meeting with a new client where to meet

Responding to inquiries

What to wear


Getting Hired

Employers That Hire Event Planners


Clubs and cruise lines


Event planning companies

Hospitality industry hotels and resorts

Tourism organization

Trade and professional associations



Getting Promoted

Getting promoted


How to Find Job Openings

How to create a job

Advertised positions

Unadvertised positions



How to make a great impression

How to prepare and what to wear

Discussing salary

Following up

Interview questions

What employers are looking for


Job Hunting Materials

How to prepare a cover letter with samples

How to prepare a resume

Sample Resumé experienced planner

Sample Resumé little experienced event planner

Other materials


Preparing for Your Career


Certificate and continuing education programs

Professional certification programs


Ways to Learn Event Planning

Evaluate other events

Get a part time job and read about event planning

Information interviews


Volunteer to organise events



Communication skills


Interpersonal skills relations building


Organizational abilities



Starting Your Own Business

Client Contracts

Sample services agreement

Sample engagement letter


Employees and Contractors

Differences between employee and contractors

Tips for working with contractors


Financial Matters

Getting paid

Hourly fee and flat fee

Keeping track of your finances

Other options

Setting your fees cost plus


Start up funding


Getting Started


Choosing a business name

Creating a business plan

Legal matters


Setting Up Your Business

Equipments and supplies


Other equipments calculators photocopier



What an Event Planner Does

Get Organized


Crisis and backup planning



Newspaper and Magazine Publicity

Effictive marketing



Ways of advertising



Creating an RFP

Pre event meeting

Site confirmation

Site inspection

Space requirements



After the Event

Evaluating marketing results

Event evaluation

Other activities


Event Day

Event day and sample



Choosing vendors

Tips audio requirements photographers and printers

Tips for types of vendors

Tips entertainers and speakers

Tips food

Types of vendors

Vendor contracts




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