The Psychology of Sport


  1. Introduction and overview
  2. The  development and variety of attachments
  3. What is attachment?
  4. Phases in the development of attachments
  5. Theories of the attachment process
  6. ‘Cupboard love’ theories
  7. An evaluation of ‘cupboard love’ theories
  8. The ethological approach
  9. Bowlby’s  evolutionary theory
  10. An evaluation of Bowlby’s theory
  11. What about fathers?
  12. Individual and cultural variations in  attachment
  13. Evaluation of the Strange Situation
  14. Cross-cultural similarities and differences
  15. Deprivation and privation
  16. Bowlby’s maternal deprivation hypothesis (MDH)
  17. Deprivation (separation or loss)
  18. Short-term deprivation and its effects
  19. Long-term deprivation and its effects
  20. Privation
  21. Are the effects of privation reversible?
  22. Continuity between early and later attachment patterns
  23. The effects of early attachments on later adult relationships
  24. Intergenerational continuity
  25. Inner working models  (IWMs)
  26. Meet the Researcher: Susan Golombok Conclusions
  27. Summary


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