The Psychology of Altruism and Prosocial Behaviour


  1. Introduction and overview
  2. What is sport psychology?
  3. A brief history
  4. How do exercise and sport psychology differ?
  5. The scope of sport psychology  (SP)
  6. The status of sport  psychology
  7. Social facilitation
  8. Triplett’s research
  9. Allport’s research
  10. Explaining social facilitation
  11. Zajonc’s drive theory
  12. Cottrell’s evaluation apprehension model (EAM)
  13. Baron’s distraction–conflict theory (DCT)
  14. Social facilitation in a sports setting
  15. Using social facilitation in coaching
  16. Influences on group performance
  17. Social inhibition
  18. The Ringelmann effect
  19. Social loafing
  20. Implications of social loafing for sports coaches
  21. Group cohesion
  22. Personal vs social attraction
  23. Task vs social cohesion
  24. Factors associated with group cohesion
  25. Factors affecting group performance
  26. Competition and cooperation
  27. Coordination factors
  28. Summary


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